April Week 3: Date Night…Outside!

Being outside can be the literal and figurative “breath of fresh air” we often need. This week’s outside Date Night can look as involved as horseback riding or a long hike…or as simple as a stroll in the park or a picnic in your own yard.

Detail Day!

Choose the location, food, activity…the who, what, when, where. Make plans. Hire the sitter. Set yourself up for success. Write it all down.

Quick Question

When was the last time you spent quality time outside? Write about it.


How do you handle moments when things don’t go according to plan? This week’s outside Date Night means there’s a wild card involved: weather. Do you avoid scheduling outside activities because of this factor?


Research and list outdoor activities, spaces for picnics, etc. for future reference. Write down the ones that interest you the most. Is there a place for campfires? Cycling? Hiking trails? A public pool? Pond or lake? Fishing opportunities? Motorcycle rental? Water sports? Get creative!

Brainstorm Yes, more brainstorms today!

Research venues in your area. Write them all down—from big arenas to restaurants that host music nights. Join their social media groups or sign up for their newsletter to see what shows or events are coming up. Are there ones you’d be willing to drive to? Fly to?

Day Dream

Journal about a concert you’ve been to and/or write about one you’d like to go see. Set a date night goal to go see a show when you get the chance. Setting even simple goals can often provide the motivation you need to start setting aside the time, money, and desire you need to make it happen.


Write down all the details of this week’s outdoor Date Night. Really focus on what went well.