April Week 4: Movie Night!

This week’s date can be a movie out or a special Movie Night in. (Movie Night in can look special and not just a regular flop in front of the tv kind on any given Tuesday kind of night. Make it special—pick the movie ahead of time).

Detail Day

Pick a date, time, & show. Write down the supplies you’ll need: popcorn, wine, sparkling water, etc. Choose who: family date night or romantic date? Double date even? Schedule a sitter if needed.


When was the last time you watched a movie without checking your phone? Try to let go of a big, common distraction—our phones—and focus on quieting our distracted minds long enough to enjoy a movie start to finish and the company of our date(s).

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite movie? What’s your partner’s favorite movie? Your kids’? Your best friend’s? Your mom’s? Curiosity can be an expression of love—a lot of people like to be asked questions about themselves. Make the question of the day “What’s Your Favorite Movie?” Write down the various answers you get throughout the day.

Brainstorm Day

Make movie lists with family and friends of movies you’d like to take time to see. Include genres.

Get out of town

Movie week aside, make a list of Mini Road Trip ideas! Is there a destination near you you’d like to road trip to? Write down some possibilities, start writing down and researching how to make it a possibility. Day trips can be affordable and exhilarating.


Let’s look at distractions again. Did any new ones creep up during the month? Write about them. Are there some you’d like to try and cut out? Some that surprised you? Distractions interfere with our connections. Thinking and writing about them is a great first step to doing something about them—time to put our relationships first.

Movie Review

This day is super fun! As this week’s reflection, write a movie review together with your date! Give it stars or tomatoes. Include favorite parts, funniest parts, favorite characters, etc.