One of the biggest perception shifts that has served me well is to accept the fact that every person’s body is unique. We all have different body types, genetics, needs in the moment, challenges, etc. Just because paleo is working for my friend down the street doesn’t mean it’s going to work for me. Even biological family members will be very different for you. Your sister could have a lot of health success as a vegetarian runner and you could have a dairy sensitivity and a bum knee.

Do you find yourself comparing your choices to those of others? Do you see inspiration in their choices or do they become an opportunity for comparison? When have you compared in the past? Do you feel like you compare now? Less than in the past? More so?

Brainstorm about ways to keep your focus on your own health journey. How can you remind yourself to stay focused on your individual health needs even when it’s tempting to compare yours journey to others?

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