Current Closet

Where are you now? Describe your current mom style. What is your biggest clothing influence at the moment? What’s driving your current style? (As an example, my breastfeeding journey dictated what tops I wore for over 5.5 years…high neck shirts, here I come!). How do you feel about your closet? Love it? Half love it? Hate it?

Do you ever have the urge some days to throw it all out and start over?

If you answered yes, I’ve got great news…that urge is totally normal! Our bodies can change a lot from so many baby factors…sleepless nights, pregnancies, nursing, hormones, etc. Huge shifts in our life can make us feel like we want to make huge shifts in all areas.

If you answered no, what do you think is your “secret sauce” to loving your current wardrobe? (Write it down and then go share it with the rest of us on yayamamas IG and FB!)