Journal Review

This is where each day’s work really comes together. On the very last day of every month, take a moment to read back over your writing. What did you learn? See? Notice? Did your writing voice change? Did you write more or less as the month went on? Did you set the example? Check your expectations? Did you get one more moment of Alone Time than you did last month? Is it still a work in progress?

Has your attitude about Alone Time changed? Has your family’s? What will you do more of? What will you do differently? Do you feel more mindful of your needs? Of your family’s needs? More mindful in general? Have your needs changed? Are you pausing more? Taking more deep breaths? Look over the goals you chose on March 1st…have they been met? Changed? Expanded?

Let it all out! This is our last day to journal about Alone Time before we switch to April’s topic…Date Night. March was about our time away, April will be about our time together.