July Week 4: Summer Story

If you’re not done with your goals, keep going! If you’ve had adventures already, start writing them down. Remember as many details as you can. The sights, smells, weather, food, people, clothes, music, place, time, plants, jokes, smiles…as much as you can. This is your reflection day, mama. Enjoy it.

Family Reflection Day

Bring your family in on it! Repeat yesterday’s prompts, but with your family. Write from their point of view and what they remember.

Picture Day

Sit down together as a family and choose which photos you want to include in your Summer Story. Which ones are you going to print out? This could take 5 minutes or an hour. Enjoy that time together.

Then write about that moment you had together choosing the photos: how long it took, which memories your kids or partner got most excited about, how it felt to sit together and reminisce about your summer memories.

Caption Day

Sit down together (or solo) and write the captions from the photos you chose yesterday. Include dates, names, locations, details, quotes. (Check out the awesome summer quotes on the yayamamas IG and FB pages for ideas!) Spend some time writing short snippets or stories or gather the ones you’ve already written. It’s a great way to slow down and reminisce; for everyone to really appreciate all you’ve done.

Your Own Backyard

What could you do that’s fun right in your own yard? On your own street? Right at home? Write about it. Get creative (poetic even) with the details. As the month draws to a close, this will act as a nice reminder that you don’t have to venture far to be present with your children, giving them your full attention, as you discover (or rediscover) your own backyard just for fun.


I want you to be honest with yourself. How much of this month’s fun was about “stuff” and how much of it was just about being together as a family? What were your most fun moments? When did you feel most connected and plugged into your kids?

Keep At It!

Summer isn’t over yet, even if our challenge is drawing to a close. If you didn’t squeeze in everyone’s idea, there is still time. Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as a popsicle on the back porch.

If you already met your goals, how would you and your family feel about keeping the fun going? What if once a month or even every week you focused on Family Fun as a way to reconnect and keep the spirit of summer alive all year? Think about it. Talk about it. Write about it. You’ve been talking openly with your family about your Family Fun goals all month long…keep the conversation going! Decide on new Family Fun goals and write them down.