June Week 3: Hair & Makeup

Make Peace with Past Styles

Reflect on what your hair and makeup styles have been in the past. Go back to your June 6th entry and make peace with where you’ve been. What did you love? What makes you cringe? Laugh? Where would you like to go? What are your hair and makeup goals?

This one can bring on some good memories, depending on what decade you grew up in…haha. I was there for the spiral perms and side-swept, tall bangs at the end of the 80s/early 90s. I’m glad to be on the other side of those…my only regret was that I didn’t make peace with those looks sooner. In hindsight, I can see that I wasn’t defined by my ability to fit in with fashion trends.

Love Your Face!

We are going to embrace our face and shine with grace! We just are! Your face is the one your child looks up to and loves so, so much! See yourself through your child’s eyes and love your face as much as your child does.

Figure out what you’re working with and shine from there! Don’t waste any time wishing that things were different…that your skin wasn’t as red or you had zero pimples or less wrinkles or whatever. It’s a waste of time and energy! Life is too short and your kids love you too much (just as you are!) for you to waste any time wishing you were anything other than your beautiful self! The world needs unique you, not some cookie cutter look.

You are beautiful!

One way to begin practicing self love and acceptance is to figure out what you’re working with and make choices from there: What eye shadow colors look best with your eye color? What blush colors or foundations look best with your skin tone? What face cleansers work best for your skin’s unique needs? Don’t know? Ask a friend or consultant to help you figure these things out!

There is no shame in narrowing down your choices or choosing items based on what you need…I’ve heard mamas feel embarrassed because they have to choose products for oily skin because that’s what they have. No need to be embarrassed or ashamed! Oily skin is not a flaw, it’s a fact! Choose what you actually need, not what you wish you would need. I’m telling you, mama, the sooner you embrace your face and love it with all you’ve got, the sooner the freedom and self love start rolling in…and the brighter you shine because our beauty comes from our inner thoughts & love of self more than products or makeup.

What are your favorite features on your face? Which ones have you had to work to embrace? What do you need/did you need to get over those negative thoughts? What mottos, mantras or quotes can you put up on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself that you are beautiful, unique, and amazing? Write about it! Consider posting a photo of your child at a moment where they are beaming at you to remind yourself that that look of love is for beautiful YOU.

Daily Makeup & Skin Care

What are you doing for skin care? What is your routine? Is it working? What are your favorite skin care products you’ve used? What ones have you always wanted to try?

What about your makeup? What are you doing for makeup? What is your routine? Is it working? Are you wanting to switch it up? What are your favorite makeup products? What ones have you always wanted to try? Is there a specific make up style you’ve wanted to try but haven’t been able to figure out?

Mama, you are a gift. Your children love your face. They look up to it, admire it, and receive so much comfort from it. It’s the one they trust and love with all their hearts. Keep that in mind when you’re taking care of it. Let the thought of their love and admiration for it be your mantra as you wash it, care for it, and make it up in a way that makes you feel radiant!

Today’s the day! Make the commitment to head to the store and try that red lipstick or make the appointment for that bold hair color you’ve always wanted to try!

*Please note that I do NOT think that makeup is necessary to be or feel beautiful. It’s something that some women don’t do and that’s great! I’m all about “you do you!” It is a fun habit/hobby for a lot of women and this type of prompt is meant to encourage those of us who do play around with makeup and hair to take it a step further and have even more fun with it.


What do you know about brows? Shape? Color? Texture? Today is the day we research brow techniques: everything from waxing to microblading and shading to styling.

Write down how you currently take care of and style your brows…what’s working? What’s not? What could you use some advice on? Have you talked with your girlfriends about them? A professional? Just ignored them up to this point? Write about what you’d like to know about brows and then seek out some answers!

Love Your Hair!

Today we’re going to love our hair and shine from there! This is the day that we let go of the myth that the grass is greener on the other side when it comes to curly vs. straight hair, which color is best, etc. We’re going to embrace our current hair situation and then see if there are any changes we’d like to make from there.

What is your hair like now? Color? Length? Texture? Style? Make a list.

Now look at that list…do you feel good about it? Are you frustrated with anything that’s on it? Do you love your hair? Has it been a battle your whole life? Write about what your current feelings are about your hair and how this has or hasn’t changed over the years. Do you talk negatively about your hair to others? Do you make excuses on good hair days or do you accept compliments when you receive them?

My best advice is to embrace the hair you have at this moment. Then work with a stylist or find people who have hair similar to yours to figure out what moves you’d like to make next, if any. The point of today is to love your hair as is and appreciate it. We can move forward with the best style and color choices once we write down what we’re working with and embrace it!

Bonus Activity: Since it’s hair day, feel free to take a shower today, do a hair mask, or deep condition…something that makes you feel good about your hair TODAY!

Braids, Pixie Cuts, Etc

What hairstyles have you always wanted to try? Which ones have you tried? Which did you love? Which were a no go? How often do you experiment with different styles? Are you stuck in a style rut? Is there a style you admire that you’d like to try? Write out your answers or look up ideas for inspiration!

Today write about hairstyles and commit to trying new styling techniques, clips, braids, a new cut, etc. in the near future. Start watching those “how to” videos now so that when you’re motivated on a random morning to try something new, you already have a bit of information to pull from!


What saying or quotes give you confidence? Which ones make you feel beautiful or give you a sense of strength?

Don’t have one? Look some up! Write down which ones speak to you and keep them written down nearby as a reminder of this journey toward more self-love and body positivity!