Living Room – Toy Room

We spend a lot of time in our living room. Our kids spend a lot of time playing with their toys. Let’s take a look at what those areas today with a fresh set of eyes. Is it cluttered? Does this room spark rest and creativity or is it part of the overwhelm? What does it smell like? Artificial scents? Warm and welcoming? Calm and comforting? What does it sound like? Noisy? Quiet? What percentage of your children’s toys are plastic? Where do the plastic toys come from, where are they made? (Have you ever thought about this before?) Do you feel like the toys you have in your home are being used, which ones genuinely engage your child, and which ones are just taking up space?

There are many different elements that could use some detoxing in our living spaces. Let’s take it our time. (How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time). Answer the questions above one at a time then choose one item to research and change. Detox month is not all or nothing. So let’s do this…!

Time to reclaim our rest and play spaces and make them healthy, soothing, inspiring zones. Choose an idea or two from the list below, write about what detoxing (either product based or mental detox) you’d like to see happen in these spaces.

  • Start to clear out toys and unnecessary excess so that your family can rest in the living room spaces and be inspired in their toy areas
  • Make a list of what you need to shift in your living room to clear the clutter that is also cluttering your mind/thoughts
  • Stop buying and burning candles with fragrances
  • Stop using room deodorizers (plug ins or spray cans) & aim for clean that doesn’t need a cover up scent
  • Start diffusing essential oils as your “smell good” source and for the aromatherapy benefits
  • Use natural cleaners in this room instead of things like harsh dusting sprays (which are unnecessary).
  • Consider your floor cleaners carefully, especially since young kids spend a lot of time on the floor
  • Commit to purchasing less plastic toys
  • Commit to purchasing fewer noisy toys (to give our ears and minds down time)
  • Commit to purchasing second hand toys or going to clothing and toy exchanges to decrease your plastic impact on the planet (& save money)
  • Commit to less toys in general…ask for the gift of experiences rather than “stuff”
  • Place more house plants in your living spaces to help purify the air
  • Use an air purifier in this space
  • Unplug your tv/wifi when not in use
  • Commit to less screen time in the living room
  • Or come up with your own!