November Week 3: Gratitude & Action

Budget Money

Take the ideas from last week’s savings/giving plan and plug in specifics. Come up with the exact numbers for what you can give financially, if applicable.

Budget Time

Take a look at whether you have time in your weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedule you could volunteer. No worries if not. Today is simply looking at your schedule and what volunteer options might be available AND realistic.

“Budget” What You Can Reuse

Are there unused items in your home you can donate? Now is the time to start collecting those and come up with a plan to give them away. Would you like to do this on a regular basis? If so, “budget” (i.e. plan) how often you’d like to do this. Once a year? Once a month? As you notice items not being used? Come up with a family plan as well as how and when you can repurpose/donate unused items.


During this discussion about giving, let’s not forget to take a look at what we have in our lives and be grateful for it. Today is all about gratitude. Spend some time reflecting on what you have. Write about your gratitude for those things. Express that appreciation outside the page as well with a thank you text, hug, or card.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this is a great way to start getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Plan of Action

Next week marks the beginning of the holiday craziness. We’re going to be tempted right and left to make purchases for the sake of making purchases. Are impulse purchases something you struggle with? (No shame if you do…stores are designed to create frenzy and urgency. We’re tempted on purpose).

Now is the time to come up with a plan of action for yourself. How can you stay out of the impulse purchase mindset and stay in a more philanthropic mindset? What do you need to tell yourself to keep your philanthropy goals and budget in mind?

What would happen if you moved your philanthropic goals to the top of your giving list this year? Would it help to remember that the $5 you could spend on a trinket would do more good going to a charity? Would it help to write “donations” at the top of your shopping list? Figure out what you need to remember and remind yourself to keep philanthropy on your radar when out shopping.

Giving Idea: If you’re into the idea of changing the spirit of the holiday for your family to a more giving focus, use this time to create your holiday gift list. Include who you would like to honor with a donation as well as the names of specific charities or organizations.

Holiday Goals

Write down a list of holiday/year end goals for yourself and your family. How does philanthropy specifically fit into those goals?


Habits take time. Goals usually aren’t met in one day—it takes making them a priority, showing up every day, and taking action. That’s why we’ve been thinking about philanthropy every single day this month—in the hopes that giving will become more of an everyday thought.

Are you feeling ready to give? Are you feeling ready to move philanthropy over into your list of family values and keep it there? Write about it. Brainstorm ways you can keep philanthropy an active value for your family.