October 2018 Topic: Friendship

1. What surprised you most this month? (either a question or one of your answers)

2. Which question was hardest for you to answer and why?

3. What do you offer your friends? (No need to be modest! You’re not bragging…you’re sharing and acknowledging that you do have great gifts you offer others!)

4. Were you able to recognize what your friends offer you?

5. What were your goals for the month and do you feel like you moved closer to meeting them?

6. What’s your Tribe Vibe? Share your tribe name and mascot ideas from October 13th!

7. What issues came up when you looked at your child’s friendships?

8. What’s the stickiest friendship situation you have been in and how did you handle it?

9. Share your ideas and/or brainstorm about ways to help friends during difficult times.

10. What are some of your favorite friend memories (from childhood or now)?

11. Actual vs. Intellectual Gratitude – how much do you *think* about being grateful vs. showing it? What are some creative ways you have shown gratitude? Do you feel like those actions are an expression of love as well as gratitude? In other words, are the two interchangeable?