Rethink the T-shirt

Today’s challenge is to take a staple we all have—the t-shirt!—and rethink the way we style it. Do a search for ways to style a t-shirt and then rock it.

Then reflect. It sounds simple, but give your challenge some thought. What did you learn from your search today? Did you get some good ideas? Stumble upon something unexpected and appealing? Did it push you to think outside the box? Did it elevate your t-shirt from frumpy to fabulous? Was it a flop?

Why write about it? To show yourself that your efforts are not in vain. This is a journey and there are moments when we might find ourselves feeling silly or think our explorations are a waste of time when they are not. YOU feeling good is not a waste of time. How do you prove that to yourself? By writing down your thoughts…even the small things.