Shifting Gears

When a Guided Journal journey comes to an end, we have a choice to move on to the next topic and start fresh again tomorrow. If you’re following along with us in real time, April 2019 is Detox Month! We’re going to take our Food Month one step further and really start to detox our homes and pantries. It turns out there are a lot of foods, chemicals, and various materials around our house that have major and minor impacts on our bodies. April will be all about exploring those toxins, researching them, deciding what changes we need to make, and then making them.

Today’s journal entry is a brain dump: what are your first thoughts about Detox month? What toxins do you think are in your home, if any? Think about your diet, daily routine, and products you use…do you know how they are affecting your body, hormones, and mood? Give it some thought, jot down what pops into your head first, and then join us again tomorrow as we begin Detox month as a team!

Personal Goal:
Whole Foods: