Thank Your Body!

Today’s journal prompt: Write a love letter to your body. Let’s end the month on a high! Thank your body for all it’s done for you, for being a home for your spirit, for supporting you on your motherhood journey, and being the place that comforts your children when they lean into you. Be sure to sign your letter at the end, just like you would any other letter.

Thanks for joining this month! Style Month marks the 16th Guided Journal topic that’s available here on the yayamamas blog! I’ll be taking a break from writing more guided journals for a bit to focus on the launch of Beautiful & Simple. as well as my podcast Elevating Motherhood. Stay tuned for more great conversations and topics! There’s always more to talk about (and work on!) when it comes to motherhood!

I’m so honored that I get to be on this journey with you and “do motherhood” along side my beloved yayas! Mahalo!