What trends have you loved (past or present)? Which ones have you loathed? Were there ones you participated in? Which ones did you want to go along with but didn’t? Were trends important to you in the past? Are they important to you now?

For today’s journal entry, please answer those questions…and then forget them for a moment.

Instead, imagine a world without “trends.” Imagine walking into a store and looking at clothes as if trends didn’t exist and all you had was your own personal preferences driving your purchases. What would you choose? What colors would you be drawn to? What would you avoid?

Now back to reality…trends do exist, but so does the reality that we can make choices based on what we actually like rather than what an advertisement tells us is “cool at the moment.” Sounds simple, but it’s a truth that’s hard for many woman to believe. We don’t have to be “cool.” We don’t have to be “trendy.” We don’t have to fight it either. We can just be ourselves and choose what we want, trendy or not. Do you feel free to do this now or is it something you’re working on? Write about it.