Same Page Childcare

I believe that it’s important for parents and childcare providers (nannies, babysitters, mother’s helpers, etc.) to be on the same page. We as parents are sharing our most treasured relationship with someone else who is sometimes (at first) a stranger and trusting that they care for them in a way that we would. Or that provider can be someone we have known for a long time which can make it tricky to bring up preferences or hot button topics when we see something that needs to shift.

Providers have a job to do and want to feel appreciated, just like anyone else in any other job. Parents want to trust their provider and, when it comes down to it, are paying for a service. They want to feel like they are getting what they are paying for, just like anyone else paying for any other service.

Everyone in this scenario wants to feel acknowledged, appreciated, and respected—including the children. Parents want providers to recognize how significant it is that we are entrusting them with our children. And providers want parents to recognize their efforts as well. If they aren’t on the “same page” with what the children need, there can be tension (silent or not) that everyone feels—including the children. Especially the children.

More to come! Check back here for tips, articles, and printables to help parents and providers get and stay on the same page.