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Are you considering homeschool? Do you want to explore it as an option but aren’t sure where to begin? If so, I’d like to help. I want to take the mystery out of homeschooling by showing you what a typical homeschool day looks like for us and what it’s like to plan, teach, and learn together as a family. I’ll post resources and articles frequently, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for weekly posts about homeschool.

The Curriculum I Use:

Homeschool Blossom & Root

A good homeschool curriculum gently and clearly guides the parent as well as the child…Blossom & Root does just that.

Homeschool Blossom & Root Discount Code yaya10In our house, we’re HUGE fans of the Blossom & Root curriculum. We’re deep into Volume 2 with our 4.5-year-old and everyone in our family is growing and learning along side her!

I love that B&R covers a wide variety of topics while still encouraging plenty of interest-based learning and outside time. The lessons are inspiring, easy to follow, and clear. It’s flexible, thorough, and creative.

The Early Years Volume 1 curriculum starts at age 2. It’s a great option for parents who stay home with their children (or working parents, too) that want more directed learning but don’t necessarily want to formally homeschool. It’s packed full of great ideas and activities as well as how to present them at age appropriate levels.

If you have any questions about what Blossom & Root has to offer, please ask! I’m happy to share what I can to help you on your homeschool journey! Contact the yayas Use discount code yaya10 at

What I Love About Homeschooling My Children Where They Are:

Homeschool Family Photo
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* I love that I get to spend quality time learning with my kids. For me, homeschooling is not about being with my children 24/7 and loving every second. It’s about constructively using the time I am with my kids and taking responsibility for their education. It’s making the most of our time together through guided learning. It’s about growing and having fun together as a family. There are ups and downs in homeschooling just like everything in life. Love is the driving force, not the constant emotion.

* I love the curriculum we chose. The Blossom & Root curriculum encourages my daughters’ natural love of learning and teaches me how to foster it. It’s a practical tool that guides us toward our homeschool goal of wanting our kids to be life long learners and genuinely love learning.

I had tried to create a curriculum by myself using resources like Pinterest, but I got overwhelmed in the sea of ideas. The Blossom & Root curriculum took me from the stress of creating to the joy of teaching. Now I use online resources for focused support rather than being totally overwhelmed by them.

* I love that learning happens all day. Homeschooling normalizes the learning that happens every day. In fact, it highlights it. It makes the everyday ordinary extraordinary.

* I love that we have direction. Following a homeschool curriculum gives me direction. It reminds me that we need to spend a LOT of time outside. It shows me how to foster my children’s interests. It adds more focus and meaning to our days.

* I love the practice of preschool. Starting at the preschool level has been a great way for me as a parent to practice record keeping. There is a lot of trial & error the first year of homeschooling—starting at the preschool level gives me space to fumble, get back up, and grow without a lot of extra pressure.

Using a preschool curriculum makes for a more graceful learning curve. The preschool level lessons are lighter, inspiring, and really allow us ample space to find our groove as a family of learners.

* I love the flexibility of our schedule. Homeschooling allows me to work from home and help the kids pursue the activities that inspire them—all on our time.

* I love that it’s helping us reach our goals. We have long-term family goals…we want to stay close as a family. In a world that sometimes tells us that we’re not real moms if we don’t get annoyed with our kids, we’re choosing to focus on how to be a great team. This doesn’t mean every moment is sunshine and rainbows and puppies…it means that we are real about the ups and downs and natural emotions of life and still love each other anyway. Homeschooling is absolutely a labor of love and we let love lead.


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