A Note on Failure

You might find that an idea you’re trying this month doesn’t seem to be working for you. This does not mean you have failed or are a failure. It means you are gathering information. For example, if you’re on day 11 of a version of the keto diet and it isn’t going well for you, please don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re not a failure because something you’re trying isn’t working, instead look at what is and isn’t working and then use that information as you continue on your path. We don’t need to internalize information gathering as failure. Shifting your perspective is so, so powerful and can serve you really well.

Does this idea resonate with you? If so, what “food information” have you learned up to this point? What’s working? What isn’t? What information are you going to use moving forward? What are you going to leave behind that isn’t serving you? What shifts or changes can you make with that information?

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