April Week 2: Date Night at Home!

This week is all about making the every day special.

Detail day

If you haven’t already, pick the day and time for an at home Date Night this week. Organize schedules. Envision the table: a tablecloth, flowers, special china, a theme, place cards at the table, a handwritten letter on each plate, take out, a unique recipe, or your date’s favorite home cooked meal, wine…any of these work. Think about what details you would like to see unfold the day of the date. Write out the details. Take note of what needs to be ready ahead of time so you are not scrambling the day of.


When was the last time you spent quality time with this person? What did you do? What made it special?

Day Dream

What does an ideal date look like for you? Flowers? Wine? Private jet to Italy? Dream away, Mama. Write it all out. Let your creativity flow.


Date Night is about setting all the daily distractions to the side and making space to focus on your date. Write down your main distractions. Cell phone? Work? Kids? Exhaustion? An unresolved problem? This month’s Date Nights aren’t about solving problems, but having fun and reconnecting with what you love and admire about your chosen date.

Idea Sharing

Ask friends about their favorite date nights! Talk about ones they’ve been on or ones they hope to go on. Write down ideas that sound appealing.

Action: Offer to watch someone else’s kids so they can have a Date Night. Spread the reconnection vibe. Or encourage your spouse or partner to go reconnect with someone. Make space for them to spend quality time with someone they admire.

For me, this ended up being my husband going on a weekend camping trip with his friends. He’s been talking about it for years and totally appreciated that I helped make the space for it to finally happen. (And there’s nothing that says I can’t host a moms night in with our kiddos the night our partners are camping…)

Take your brainstorming further

Take a few minutes to make lists of potential date nights now that you can refer back to later. Write lists, pin ideas, pull out old recipes or jot down meal ideas. Ask your family or potential dates what they would like to do/eat. Write them down so you have a quick reference for when you’re too tired to think of creative ideas.


Write out the details from this week’s dinner in. What went well? What didn’t? What would you do the same or different?