That’s a wrap! This was an intense month. “Detox” is a topic that is wide and deep. Many times over I thought about turning this into multiple guided journals and going deep instead of wide, but I decided to make it more of a “Detox 101” to introduce the topic to mamas who were interested in diving in but weren’t sure what it means to “detox” or where to begin. Not everyone is going to be interested or concerned about EMFs or doing a liver detox, but maybe they needed to dive into cleaning up their cleaning products. My hope is that you found an area of your life that could benefit from awareness so you can make changes from there.

Spend a few moments summing up what you learned during Detox Month. What changes did you make? What differences are you noticing? Which areas surprised you? Which areas spoke to you the most? Which ones are you planning to dive into further? How have you changed this month? Spend some time noting your growth. Be kind to yourself. Congratulate yourself the same way you would a friend.

I’m proud of you, yayas! Thank you for joining in and following along for Detox Month! Join us back here tomorrow as we begin Legacy Month! We’ll be looking at our living legacy, family values, and even completing our will/trust that many of us have been putting off (myself included!). See you tomorrow when we’ll begin another month of reflection & growth!