The bathroom is another one of those areas that we are sold fear…fear of bathroom germs, fear of smelling bad, fear of not being squeaky clean, and fear of sweat among other natural body functions. As a result, we are bombarded with products for our bodies and our bathrooms that are the opposite of helpful and truly disrupt natural body functions

Write about your beliefs surrounding bathroom cleanliness—your standards when it comes to the room being clean as well as your body. Do you feel like it’s balanced? Extreme? Taught? Fear based? Knowing what you’ve learned so far, what areas in your bathroom do you think could use a detox or a more balance approach to “clean?” Look at your mindset when it comes to the bathroom: are you afraid of dirt in your bathroom? The bathroom is where we go to get “clean,” that means the removal of dirt and toxins, not the addition of toxins.

Take a look at the list below and choose something to detox your bathroom today:

  • Read the ingredient list on your shampoos – rate them on the app, get to know what the ingredients are, research more natural options that will also be effective for your hair type/needs
  • Read the ingredient list on your hand soaps. Are they anti-bacterial? If so, get to know what that means for your body since it gets absorbed into your skin. Research effective, natural alternatives (such as Thieves or Hanna’s Handmade)
  • Switch to deodorant immediately. Start researching aluminum-free deodorants (like Primally Pure). Sweat is our body’s natural way of detoxing and blocking that natural process (antiperspirant = anti sweat) has been shown to be harmful
  • Ditch the harsh chemical cleaners in favor of more natural and effective ones. Not ready to make the leap to an all in one cleaner for the bathroom? Look up cleaners specific to the bathroom that are truly natural that will put your mind at ease without negative impact on your body
  • Look at the containers in your bathroom – are most or all of them plastic?
  • Brainstorm and research ways you can begin to cut back on plastic use in the bathroom (shampoo bars, solid soap bars, paper packaging, etc.)
  • How do your face products and makeup rate on the Think Dirty app? Our skin is our largest organ and soaks up everything we put on it—from cleansers and toners to makeup and sunscreen. Start to phase out the toxic ones and commit to only purchasing less toxic ones in the future
  • Try a detox bath
  • Look up detox face mask recipes
  • Switch out your plastic toothbrushes for sustainable ones (such as bamboo)
  • Research feminine hygiene products. What ingredients do they use/add that are harmful to your body? Ever heard of or tried a menstrual cup? What chemicals/hormone disruptors do your current products contain?
  • Consider a shower and/or sink filter to filter your bathroom water
  • Or come up with your own!