Our bedroom is our sanctuary and where we spend a significant amount of time (even if it’s mostly while sleeping). It’s a place where we go for rest and peace of mind. Let’s take a look at our bedrooms and see if they support restoration and good health while we sleep.

Read through the list and research from there. Write down your observations and goals for the bedrooms in your house.

  • Mattress: research the benefits of a non-flame retardant mattress for the next time you need to purchase one
  • Bedding: Wash sheets and bedding in non-toxic detergents
  • Air Quality: Consider using an air purifier in your bedroom
  • Consider keeping plants in your bedroom to help naturally clean the air
  • Try diffusing essential oils (like Young Living) instead of burning scented candles (research the effects of “fragrance” in candles). Or try unscented beeswax candles
  • You spend most of the night breathing in your pillows and sheets—research the benefits of using organic sheets made of natural material (quality over quantity)
  • EMFs: electromagnetic fields are biologically toxic. When we are sleeping at night, our bodies are more vulnerable to harmful EMFs. Having wifi on in your room could be causing you to not get a restful sleep. Research EMFs in the bedroom and consider shutting off/shutting down wifi in the night while you sleep.
  • Lighting: Research light pollution and how it affects your body and circadian rhythms. Also look into full spectrum lighting.
  • Or choose your own!