Zeroing in on one brand can help bring a clearer vision to your sense of fashion. When I first started searching for a way to refresh my style after becoming a mom, I started looking at various brands and studying them. What did I like about them? What didn’t I like? Could I see myself wearing one “style” of clothing? I ended up loving Wren & Ivory and decided to focus on buying pieces from only one brand for a while to start solidifying what felt like a sense of style…and I loved it.

Today, give this method a try. Start studying a handful of brands that catch your eye and start asking yourself questions: What do you like about them? The patterns? The solids? The way they layer pieces together? How bold they are? Describe each brand’s style (romantic, dark, classic, floral, casual, etc.) and then use those descriptive words to do a search for similar styles as a way to brainstorm new style ideas.

By the way, I reached out to Wren & Ivory and they generously offered the yayas a discount code: yaya10 (10% off your entire purchase, one time use only)