Daily Makeup & Skin Care

What are you doing for skin care? What is your routine? Is it working? What are your favorite skin care products you’ve used? What ones have you always wanted to try?

What about your makeup? What are you doing for makeup? What is your routine? Is it working? Are you wanting to switch it up? What are your favorite makeup products? What ones have you always wanted to try? Is there a specific make up style you’ve wanted to try but haven’t been able to figure out?

Mama, you are a gift. Your children love your face. They look up to it, admire it, and receive so much comfort from it. It’s the one they trust and love with all their hearts. Keep that in mind when you’re taking care of it. Let the thought of their love and admiration for it be your mantra as you wash it, care for it, and make it up in a way that makes you feel radiant!

Today’s the day! Make the commitment to head to the store and try that red lipstick or make the appointment for that bold hair color you’ve always wanted to try!

*Please note that I do NOT think that makeup is necessary to be or feel beautiful. It’s something that some women don’t do and that’s great! I’m all about “you do you!” It is a fun habit/hobby for a lot of women and this type of prompt is meant to encourage those of us who do play around with makeup and hair to take it a step further and have even more fun with it.