Drink More Water

Flush out those toxins! Give your body a fighting chance. Water isn’t just about hydration, it’s about giving your body what it needs to function properly.

Choose an idea or two from the list below to help you and your family drink more water:

  • Aim for a higher water intake all day long
  • Have a glass of water by your bed to drink first thing in the morning
  • Pack larger water bottles for your kids to encourage drinking more
  • Encourage your kids to drink more water by having it available
  • Set a timer on your phone to drink water &/or offer it to your kids every hour
  • Ditch single use plastic water bottles in favor of refillable ones
  • Know your water source & what your water contains
  • Filter your water (our favorite is the Berkey)
  • Use reusable water bottles made of silicone and/or metal (avoid plastic)
  • Consider adding trace minerals to your water
  • Look up “detox water” recipes for some delicious ways to drink more water
  • Or choose your own! Just get more water! Your body will thank you