Friendship & Texting

We live in a time of constant misinterpretation…mostly via texts. Abbreviated lingo leaves a lot of room for others to fill in the blanks or insert attitude or interpretation. (True story). Texting is relatively “new” in the broad scheme of things…social norms and rules have not been established so that our texts are always understood exactly how we intended them.

How do you feel about texting? Do you ever feel like you misinterpret texts from friends? Does texting ever feel “heavy” to you or stressful? Do you feel comfortable asking for clarification, especially from new mom friends that you might not know well?

How do your kids feel about texting? Do they, too, feel there is a lot of room for misinterpretation? If applicable, start a conversation with them about texting norms, insecurities surrounding texts, and how it can affect friendships. Write about it. What insight did you gain from them?