Gluten Free or Dairy Free

Have you ever wondered if gluten, grains, or dairy have a negative effect on your body or your children’s bodies?

If you eat gluten, grain, or dairy free, what about this way of eating has served you? What hasn’t? What have your challenges been? What about successes? Spend some time reflecting on your personal journey.

Bonus Questions for the Week: What do you think irritates people about mealtimes with others who eat differently than themselves? There seems to be an undertone of annoyance around (for example) vegetarians coming to a potluck or someone who is gluten free coming to dinner? Have you ever felt annoyed when you’ve needed to accommodate someone else’s choices? How have you handled it? Did it go as poorly as you imagined it would or better? Have you ever felt that someone else was annoyed with you when you were the person whose eating style was different? How did it make you feel at the meal?

What could be done by everyone involved to be more patient and understanding? How can you get one step closer to living your truth and really making space for your actions to line up with your belief that everyone needs to eat differently in order to give their body what it needs? What can we do to make mealtimes more welcoming to all—especially since most of the time we share meals with loved ones.

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