January Week 1: Money & Us

This week is really about Money and You. I say “us” so that we can begin this journey without feeling alone. You aren’t alone, mama. There are many of us starting this journey with you. This week is about each of us taking the time to look at ourselves and our individual beliefs about money.

Begin at the Beginning

Time to do an honest evaluation. How do you feel about money? When you read the topic FINANCES, what were your first thoughts? Were you excited? Scared? Nervous? Curious? Embarrassed? Does money stress you out? Do you feel there is enough to go around? Do you feel you/your family are compensated fairly? Write about it.

Answer the following questions honestly: What is your spending personality? Are you a coupon clipper? A budgeter? Impulse buyer? Do you buy what you want when you want it? Do you save for it? Are you stingy with money? Do your answers line up with what you want your relationship with money to look like?



Do you know how much money you have right now? Do you know what your debt is as of today? Chances are high that you want to make changes to those numbers—in order to do that, you need to know what those numbers are in real time. Today’s goal is to write find the answers and write them down.

When it comes to lifestyle & money, do you live an inflated lifestyle, meaning you live above your means? Do you live below your means?



Do you know how much you want to make weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Do you know how much you need to make to retire? Write down your goals. Use specific numbers or describe emotions that would make you feel like it would be “enough.”



What do you know about retirement? Do you have a plan in place? Do you feel comfortable with your Does this word scare you? Write about how you feel about retirement today and how you’d like to feel about it by the time it comes to retire? Write about it.


Emotions & Fears

Does your fear of judgment or embarrassment about how much you don’t know keep you from seeking financial help? Do you feel you are “supposed” to know more at this point in your life? What financial education have you received? Any? Some? None? Write about it.


Credit Score

Do you know your credit score as of today? Find out what it is and write it down. How do you feel about that number? How did you come to your evaluation of the number?



Read over this week’s journal prompts. As you acknowledge the emotions you carry surrounding money next to the black & white numbers of what you make, how much you need, etc. are you comfortable with where you are and what you know about money? Or do you feel ready to speak with someone who can help teach you more? Are you ready to pick up a finance book? List to a money podcast station? Or expand your understanding and comfort level in general? Write about how you view this week’s journal responses as a whole.