January Week 3: Money Education


What is your current money/finance organization system? Spreadsheets? Piles of paper in a filing cabinet? An accountant who keeps all the info for you?

Take a few moments to describe your current organization system and then write about how you feel about that system. Does it need some work or revamp? Does it take up too much of your time? Write about what blocks you feel are keeping you from organizing more (or less)?



Do you budget?

If not, why? What is your current understanding of budgeting? Have you tried budgeting in the past & it hasn’t worked out? Is not having a budget serving you? Is it your lack of understanding of a budget that keeps you from creating one? Is it feelings of constraint or circumstances that keep you from wanting one?

If so, why? What does your current budget look like? Is it serving you? Is it working as is or does it need some tweaking?


Savings Accounts

Do you have a savings account for yourself? Do you have limits on it or is it free reign? Does it serve you? Is the money just sitting there as a sense of security or does it serve a purpose? Are you keeping it to pursue goals with that savings? Using it as a medical savings account? Are you familiar with all of the modern options for savings accounts or how to invest savings? In a nutshell, how is your savings currently serving you?

And if you do not have a savings account set up, why? If you don’t want one, write about why. If having a savings account is part of your financial goals, what could you do today to start one?

When was the last time you talked with someone about a savings account?



Do you worry about fraud? Do you have security measures in place for credit cards, bank accounts, etc.?

If so, take a few moments today to check in on those security measures.

If not, take a few moments today to check into, research, or explore what security options should/would/could/are/aren’t in place for credit cards, debit cards, accounts, etc.


The Best Deal

How much time do you spend finding the best price? What influences your desire to search for the best deal? What makes you choose convenience over a better price? Write about your spending habits as they relate to finding the “best price” or “best deal” on products and services.



Who can you talk with about money? Who is available in your town? In your circle? Who do you trust? Do you talk about money with others?

During week one, we looked at what emotions keep us from talking about money with others—professional or friends. Go out on a limb today. Talk with someone about money. Ask friends who they use and/or trust and why. Personal recommendations can often break through some of the hesitancy and lead us to greater education.

You don’t have to sign up for anything or agree to anything, just talk. Walk in with a clear goal that you want to learn more—that you’re in the education and information gathering portion of your journey and really want to explore all options before committing to change.



Do an honest evaluation of where you are in your finance journey. How do you feel? What’s changed in you? What actions have you taken? What steps do you need to take at this point?

Now, how honest are you with yourself about your money needs, habits, spending, etc.? Do you find yourself uncomfortable with that honesty? Do you take that honesty and make excuses to avoid the discomfort if it appears you need to make changes? Or do you do an honest evaluation and deal with what is?

Today, write honestly about honesty. We’ve come so far…noticing how we feel, what changes might need to be made. Now let’s sit with those observations and be honest with ourselves about what actions we need to start taking to shed our guilt about money.