January Week 4: Take Action

This week, start using your resources you’ve gathered and discover more!


Today we move past our emotions and old habits that might be holding us back about money and start shifting our perspective by actively gathering resources. Today is the day we look back over the articles, podcasts, and books and take action on one finance/money item in our lives.

Today’s Action:


What websites have you found this month that speak to you? Are they blogs? Investment wesbsites? More personal sites like The Holistic Wallet’s www.michellebobrow.com ? List your favorites and write about what inspired you most or caught your attention this month. Take action on that point of interest and inspiration.

Today’s Action:


Have you been listening to personal finance podcasts this month? If so, write down your favorites. If not, hop on board that train! Podcasts are a great way to break through the awkwardness of talking about finance by listening to other people talk about it freely, openly, and often with a bit of humor. Podcasts really bring in the human element with personal stories and insights.

Take action based on a podcast from this month…or listen to one for the first time!

Today’s Action:


What finance book is your favorite? Which ones have you always wanted to read? Never read any? Today is the day. Go back to that favorite book…pick up the one you’ve always wanted to read…or start reading one! Today’s action is all about cracking open a book and learning.

Today’s Action:


It’s tax season. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t get behind this year or stress out about deadlines. Organize paperwork, make tax appointments, file papers, interview accountants, or research a tax law that might apply to you this year. Start today.

Today’s Action:

Financial Goals

What are your current financial goals? How do they differ from the beginning of the month? How have they expanded? Organize your new goals on paper. Include action steps that you will need to complete to move forward with those goals…and then take action. You are worth it.

Today’s Action:

What Surprised You Most?

Write about what surprised you most this month. Was it you? Was it something about money? Take a few moments to expand on something unique or surprisingly motivating that you learned.

Today’s Action: