June Week 4: Pulling It All Together

The Shoes

Let’s pull it all together with a good pair of comfy shoes! What’s your shoe collection like? Do you like shoes? Are they important to you? Do you have a favorite pair? Are all of your shoes comfortable? What requirements do you have for shoes in order to buy them? Have you ever looked up photos for various outfits/styles to get inspiration for shoe pairings? Write down your answers to see where you are and/or where you’d like to be when it comes to shoes.

Bonus: Option to take action! Throw out, sell, or donate any shoes that don’t serve you…if they are uncomfortable or you just don’t wear them, get rid of them!


That little extra…the bangle, the headband, the necklace, the bag. the sunglasses. Do you have favorites? If so, write about them. Why do you love them? Do you find accessories practical or a pain? Write about it!

Are there some accessories you’d like to wear more? New ones you’d like to try? Ones you’d like to get rid of or replace? Figure out where you are with accessories…then research new ideas and inspirations for how to dress up your outfits!

Be Bold

Try something daring today. Put on the dark lipstick, try the thick eye liner, wear your hair a new way, step out in more accessories than you ever have before…do what feels bold to you. Write about it. Take a photo. Give it a try.


Is there ever a time in our lives when bras are the best and worst things ever at the same time than after you become a mother? How are your bras doing? Do they fit? Do you love them? Despise them? Do some from your collection need to be banished? Do you have a collection of pre-baby bras just lying around in a sad heap? (I do).

What do you need RIGHT NOW? New bras? A fitting? Have you ever been properly fitted and measured? Recently? What do you * think * is your current size? When was the last time you had that confirmed? Write about where you are and where you’d like to be when it comes to bras.


Do you wear jewelry? If so, what do you wear? Does it have meaning to you or do you do it for fashion (or both)? Do you like to wear jewelry? Would you like to wear more but have little? Are you more yellow gold, rose gold, silver, or a mix?

Write about where you are when it comes to jewelry. Are there styles you’d like to try? Pieces you’d like to toss or sell? Broken ones you’d like to have fixed? Does your jewelry need a good cleaning? Today’s the day take a look in your jewelry box, figure out where you are and where you’d like to be. Write about it…and plan to take action!

Rethink the T-shirt

Today’s challenge is to take a staple we all have—the t-shirt!—and rethink the way we style it. Do a search for ways to style a t-shirt and then rock it.

Then reflect. It sounds simple, but give your challenge some thought. What did you learn from your search today? Did you get some good ideas? Stumble upon something unexpected and appealing? Did it push you to think outside the box? Did it elevate your t-shirt from frumpy to fabulous? Was it a flop?

Why write about it? To show yourself that your efforts are not in vain. This is a journey and there are moments when we might find ourselves feeling silly or think our explorations are a waste of time when they are not. YOU feeling good is not a waste of time. How do you prove that to yourself? By writing down your thoughts…even the small things.

All You

Today wear something from head to toe that screams YOU. Put together your favorite outfit and flaunt it all day! Do your hair, put on your favorite everything! Radiate confidence and self love! Smile at everyone! Let them notice how you’re shining!

Take a selfie. Feel good. Pass that good on to others, just by being radiant you!

Write about how you felt today wearing all your favorites!