Love Your Hair!

Today we’re going to love our hair and shine from there! This is the day that we let go of the myth that the grass is greener on the other side when it comes to curly vs. straight hair, which color is best, etc. We’re going to embrace our current hair situation and then see if there are any changes we’d like to make from there.

What is your hair like now? Color? Length? Texture? Style? Make a list.

Now look at that list…do you feel good about it? Are you frustrated with anything that’s on it? Do you love your hair? Has it been a battle your whole life? Write about what your current feelings are about your hair and how this has or hasn’t changed over the years. Do you talk negatively about your hair to others? Do you make excuses on good hair days or do you accept compliments when you receive them?

My best advice is to embrace the hair you have at this moment. Then work with a stylist or find people who have hair similar to yours to figure out what moves you’d like to make next, if any. The point of today is to love your hair as is and appreciate it. We can move forward with the best style and color choices once we write down what we’re working with and embrace it!

Bonus Activity: Since it’s hair day, feel free to take a shower today, do a hair mask, or deep condition…something that makes you feel good about your hair TODAY!