Mindset – Body Beliefs

Do you believe your body is capable? Do you trust it to move the way you need it to? Do you see beauty in your body? Are you able to pause and see the growth that can and has been happening?

Our bodies are not set in stone. How it is now and what it’s capable of in this moment are not how it’s going to be forever. Our mindset plays a big role in that change and growth. We can choose to see our body as strong and capable of growing stronger.

Champion your body’s ability to grow and change. See it, recognize it, honor it, and move forward from that growth mindset. Challenge your mindset today. Grow your thoughts to include growth, capability, & strength so that your body can follow suit.

Write about it. Include positive, supportive thoughts, words, or quotes you can draw from as you move forward with more movement past the end of the month.

Today’s Daily Movement:
Tomorrow’s Plan: