Out it Out

If you follow yayamamas on social media, you know that one of my strategies for dealing with stress, overwhelm, and negative emotions is to either dance it out, read it out, or out it out (i.e. go outside).

Out it Out today, mama. Every day is filled with ups and downs. When you sense a down coming, stop what you’re doing and go outside. Yes, this could mean leaving a grocery cart in a store for a few minutes while you regroup outside. Yes, this could look like you leaving your desk and walking outside for a breath of fresh air. Yes, this could look like scrapping an afternoon plan and going outside to pick flowers with your kids. Connection is more important than a to do list. Modeling how and when to de-stress is very powerful for your children to see. They learn so much by watching your actions. Write about your time outside and how purposefully using time outside affected you, your mood, your mental state, and productivity.

“Sometimes you need to step outside, get some fresh air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.” – unknown