Pay Attention to Packaging

I heard a joke once that basically said, “these days you need scissors to get through the packaging of new scissors.” It’s funny because it’s true. Packaging has gotten extreme. And it’s often made of plastic that people discard instead of recycling which simply adds plastic into our landfills. Packaging is often overlooked as part of the plastic problem, but it absolutely is.

How much do you look at packaging? Does the amount of plastic used to wrap or package a certain product ever frustrate you? This day might not resonate as one you feel you really want to focus on—it’s not nearly as exciting as getting and using new natural cleaners that smell divine—but it’s one worth some thought. Spend some time today writing down your thoughts on packaging (even if it’s just “I haven’t really given it much thought before”). Use the list below to

  • Start to become aware of packaging on products while shopping
  • Find ways to buy locally without the need for excess plastic used for shipping
  • Bring your own bags for produce at the grocery store
  • Shop in the bulk food section when possible
  • If you need to buy a new or replacement product, try fixing or repairing the one that has failed. New products = more packaging. Spend more time finding out if you need a replacement or if repair is an option
  • Give companies feedback about their packaging and ask for more sustainable options
  • Opt for recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging when possible
  • Buy less as a way to reduce your plastic impact
  • Find out if your local recycling services can recycle plastic packaging and if so how you can sort it properly
  • Recycle packaging when you can
  • Give gifts in reusable bags or other sustainable wrappings
  • Or come up with your own!