A sense of purpose is important. As mothers, our sense of purpose can feel obvious from the outside, but not as clear from the inside. Do you feel a sense of purpose? Do you have a focus in life that is driving your every day actions? How would you describe your purpose?

If this idea feels overwhelming, start with the “who” in your life. Write about who you show up for…your children, family, yourself when you focus on your health and self care, etc. Or draw from your week 3 answers about values and character.

Life mission statements are no small task. That doesn’t mean it has to feel heavy. Getting clear on our sense of purpose and what we feel called to do can bring freedom, excitement, and inspiration. It can add meaning and depth to our lives as women and mothers. If might require more than just one day of journaling. Write a bit about where you are now to create head and heart space for your purpose to unfold.