See What Sticks

Moving forward, a plan of action is more likely to stick if you include details.

Write about what you would like to keep from this month’s journey. Be specific. Was there an exercise class you loved and want to commit to? Are walks going to be your new thing? Is it positive self talk? An exercise buddy? Write about what you’re going to use moving forward.

Today’s Daily Movement:
Tomorrow’s Plan:

Thank you for showing up this month, yayas! You spent 28 days working on yourself, supporting other mamas, and growing your body and mind—that is no small task while parenting! I’m proud of you and hope that you’re proud of yourself. Small steps can lead to big changes!

I’m 100% sure this month wasn’t “perfect” for any of us and that life got in the way more than once. But you know what? That’s okay. Even acknowledging the desire for more is a step in the right direction. So be sure to thank yourself for showing up at all! Change can be slow or quick, but it’s always constant.

Join us for next month’s topic: Food! Have you had food goals that you’ve wanted to start and haven’t? Do you want to try to encourage your kids to eat more vegetables? Have you been wanting to try the keto diet or complete a Whole 30? Do you suspect a gluten allergy but aren’t sure how to remove it from your diet? Have you wanted to master a recipe but never took the time? Then March 2019 is for you! Join us back here at yayamamas for another Guided Journal adventure together…because life, motherhood, and reaching our goals are always easier along side our sisters!