Sizing on clothing is bogus. Repeat after me: sizing is bogus. It’s a whacked out guide that clothing companies cannot seem to agree on. One brand’s XL is another’s M.

You are not defined by a tag with a bogus size printed on it.

It’s time to clear our minds when it comes to sizes! Our notions from junior high about sizing being important need to go! So many mamas hold onto these thoughts in a way that doesn’t serve them and that all comes to the surface after having babies. There’s a strange pressure to “get back to pre-baby size.” Mama, please. Embrace physical changes that happen to your body—whether they happen because of pregnancy or not. It’s better to work with what is as you’re working on your health and fitness goals than to beat yourself up from the inside every day. Remember, those sizes are totally subjective and all over the place. Figure out what you need in this moment so you can find peace in this moment.

Today we free ourselves from sizing & labels! Today I want you to simply start looking at clothes that are beautiful to you and find a fit (regardless of what the tag says!) that makes you feel as amazing as you are! Give yourself (and your children!) the gift of freedom from size shame.

Write about how sizing has affected your self-confidence over the years. Write down your views on sizing, society, and stereotypes. Finish with affirmations and positive messages that will encourage you to break free from those chaining thoughts.