Sleep & Eating

Sleep and food are closely related. Your body needs quality sleep and nutritious food…something that feels like an impossible task in certain seasons of parenthood. If the body does not get adequate sleep it becomes easy for us to overcompensate with calories to try and boost our energy. This often does not work out the way we hoped.

Take a look at your sleep in the past week (not your sleep in general, but where you are right now). How much sleep have you gotten on average this week? What is keeping you from getting good rest? If you are craving rest or better sleep, what are some things you can shift to make sure you get more rest and/or sleep tonight? Tomorrow? One day at a time? Can you go to bed earlier? Skip the late night show in favor of more sleep? Go to bed with the kids even just one night? Create a sleep environment that is conducive to sleep (wifi off, no lights in the room, essential oils, no screens before bed, etc. – research it if you need specific ideas). Or look into things you can do during your day that can lead to better sleep (ie. research circadian rhythm, limit caffeine after a certain hour, create a bedtime routine, etc).

Analyze this week’s sleep, your body’s current needs, and brainstorm ideas that can get you what you need.

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