Success is personal. For most of us, it no longer looks like achieving the “American Dream” (which feels outdated and irrelevant to many in our modern culture). A successful life is achieving what we set out to do. It doesn’t have to look like money or a job title. A successful life can be one where we lived our values, built our character, grew as a person, loved well…it’s a life where our actions and values aligned. What would you define as a successful life for you? Do you feel you’re on that path? What do you need to focus on or do to remain on that path?

Again, this doesn’t have to be a heavy topic but one that inspires you. If you ever start to get bogged down with the topics, move toward the lightness of it, the inspiration, the passion, the excitement of things to come! Where we are in this moment isn’t where we will always be. Every moment that goes by is our opportunity to do better, feel better, and live our best life.