This month has been intense

We’ve looked at the big topics in our hearts and minds, reflected (A LOT!), and took action…all while completing the tasks that fill our everyday lives. I’m proud of you. This month really was a giant leap forward on our quest to align our values and our actions. Spend some time reading over your journal answers from this month. Which value stands out to you the most? Why? Does it feel like the most important one in your life or one that needs to become the most important? The one that needs the most work? The one you find the easiest? Write about what area of your life you are inspired to focus on more moving forward.

The good news…next month is going to be lighter! June 2019 is Mom Style month! Join us here tomorrow as we dive into Mom Style! We’ll be talking self-care, hair, make-up, clothing, and feeling like our best selves while busting through comparison on our way to being inspired and being an inspiration!