Toxic Mindset

Negativity drains us. It can take hold and keep us down. So let’s look at our own mindset today. Would you describe yourself as a positive or negative person when it comes to other people? Glass half full, half empty, or just excited that there is water in the glass? How do you view yourself? In a positive light? Can you be self-critical at times? What small thing could you do to shift that today?

Some other areas to consider when it comes to mindset:

  • How is your screen usage affecting your mindset?
  • How is social media affecting your mindset?

Some ideas for shifting a toxic mindset:

  • Eliminate your own negative thoughts. Really focus on any self-critical inner dialogue, frustration, body shaming, etc. that creeps into your everyday thoughts. You are an amazing woman who has taken on the task of shaping an entire generation. That’s a powerful thought to remember and then act upon
  • Set healthy boundaries with others who are a negative influence in your life
  • Practice more self care. Pursue passions that fill you up and make sure your own basic needs are being met on a regular basis
  • Realize that your initial reaction to thoughts/situations is not the whole story. You have the power to shift and grow in every moment and in every situation. If your initial reaction is negative, you can pause…take a deep breath and rewrite the script in your head. Then act from that more positive space
  • Brainstorm other ways you can shift negative thoughts that aren’t serving you