Understanding Plastic

There is no doubt in my mind that the creation of plastic has indeed saved many lives (I’m mostly thinking of the medical field here). It has its place and purpose. That place and purpose has expanded way beyond life saving and become an overwhelming part of our everyday lives at a shocking rate in the name of convenience and cheap-ness.

What do you know about plastic? Do you understand the various types (i.e. 1-7)? Where does your plastic waste go once it is thrown in the trashcan?

Today is all about education. It can be quick or a rabbit hole…your choice, I simply recommend stopping before the overwhelm hits. Our goal with the Guided Journals is always awareness so that we can take action to eliminate overwhelm in our everyday lives.

Do your research today. Do a quick online search to find out more about plastic. The goal is to learn something about plastic that you didn’t know before. Your search can look like “facts about plastic” or “how is plastic recycled” or “does plastic break down?” You could find out if/how/when/where your city recycles. Write down what you learn as well as your reaction to the new information.