Water Bottles

There is no question that single use water bottles have become problematic. They are part of the “convenience” lie we are sold as mothers where we are constantly encouraged to search for and purchase items that make our lives “more convenient.” I stand by my notion that motherhood is not about convenience. In fact, there is nothing “convenient” about motherhood…and that’s okay. We don’t become moms because of convenience.

And truthfully, we are changing the world by simply being a mom. Our example sets to the tone for our children and ultimately an entire generation. Children pick up on our attitude about things through our actions. We normalize not using plastic single use bottles by simply not using them. They see our actions and often copy them. When we shift our mindset and intention, it has a powerful impact.

Choose an action from the list below to start immediately reducing your plastic water bottle use:

  • Commit to bringing your own water with you wherever you go…practice turns into habit and soon you won’t even think about it, it will just be something you do
  • Commit to not purchasing single use water bottles
  • Research single use plastic water bottles and how chemicals can leach into the water inside the bottle and affect your body/disrupt hormones—this was a huge eye opener for me personally
  • Research the actual sources of specific water bottle brands—some are only tap water, others contain additives like fluoride. Once you understand the source (instead of just looking at the misleading packaging that tries to make us think it came from a natural spring), you might find that you are less likely to choose bottled water
  • Or come up with your own!