Teething Twinkies

Dear yayas,

Help! Give me all your best teething advice! My twins are getting ready to cut their first teeth and already starting to get super fussy! I need all the advice I can get!

– Teething Twinkies

Babywearing was the best soothing strategy for us! The closeness was comforting, the proximity to activity was a good distraction, and it gives you a good view of those teeth. Also, ice and all things frozen were popular in our house. – Diana

Dear Teething Twinkies, give your babes some crushed ice to play with or freeze a wet knotted washcloth for them to play with and chew on. – Taren

Dear Teething Twinkies, we’re in the middle of teething over here, too! We rely on amber teething necklaces and lots and lots and lots of ice. My 16 month old has learned to ask for ice when her gums are sore. I usually just get her a small bowl of crushed ice from the fridge. It sounds like your babies might be a bit younger, so this could be a tip for later since teething goes on for a while. But when they start to eat solids, you could try putting ice, frozen peas, or frozen fruit inside a mesh feeder for relief. Lots of snuggles. Lots of giving yourself permission to get extra rest during this time since your patience will be called on more. Know that it’s temporary. It feels like a lot in the moment sometimes, but it really is a very short chapter in the bigger picture. Sending you aloha! – Lori Beth

Dear Teething Twinkies, You got this momma. The two best things for my babies teething were 1. cold washcloths from the freezer and 2. amber necklaces. The first worked best for one baby and the second worked best for the other. It’s a tough time, it’s great that you are going to be prepared for them! – Cortney

Ditto to what Cortney said! – Bernie

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