Morning Sickness

Dear yayas,

I have been SO nauseous for the entire first half of my pregnancy! I feel like there is no end in sight to the nausea. I don’t feel like myself and am not really enjoying my pregnancy the way I thought I would. Any suggestions?

– Miserable Mama

Oh, Miserable Mama, I am so sorry! Eating crackers before my feet hit the floor in the morning helped me during my first trimester. Keeping something actually in my stomach helped (though that was tough at times!). Ginger tea, (just ginger steeped in hot water), was also soothing in the evenings. My fingers are crossed this passes for you soon. –Cortney

Dear Miserable, I’m guessing you’ve already googled every remedy and tried many, and sometimes there’s not much that helps. It’s okay if medication from your doctor is needed to help you get through your pregnancy and preserve your mental health. Emotional health is an incredibly important part of your pregnancy health too. With that being said, try to find what activities bring you joy, and do more of those (what your body will allow). This can help sprinkle in some happiness as you’re going through this challenging time. –Diana

Dear Miserable, First, I am so so so so so so sorry that you don’t feel well. It stinks when our idea of having a magical pregnancy gets flushed down the toilet…literally. I stayed sick during my last two pregnancies through each trimester. Regular acupuncture helped and gave me days of relief at a time. (If you’ve never tried acupuncture, it’s not as scary as it sounds. I also used it manage my blood pressure during pregnancy, too). Sipping on lemon water or sparkling water brought me some relief. I’ve heard lemon hard candies help, too. Hope that gives you a few ideas. Hugs. –Lori Beth

Dear Miserable, Oh gosh, if before you get up, eat something dry like crackers that helps. One thing that I did, if I found out there was a food that I really craved and it agreed with me then I would eat that BEFORE I got sick. It helps to walk. –Grama Claire Bear

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