November Week 4: Legacy in Action

Legacy is something that you are known for after you pass—something you leave behind for other people and/or organizations. This can look like money, work ethic, kindness, etc. It’s how your life and the way you lived it creates a positive impact after you’re gone. I consider a “living legacy” to be something you are known for while you are alive; the love, kindness, passion, and actions you’re known for now that will live beyond the now. It’s our everyday choices, mindset, and actions. This week will give us an opportunity to bring our thoughts on generosity into action. Do you want giving & philanthropy to be part of your living legacy?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for putting the “thanks” and the “giving” into Thanksgiving. Today is all about gratitude, family, and friends. The perfect time for reflection. Write about today. Your day, your feelings, who and what you’re grateful for, what you ate, anything that moves you.

And know that I’m grateful for you, yayas. I’m grateful every day to know that I’m not on this mothering journey alone, but that I walk every day alongside my sisters as we grow into the best version of ourselves. Sending you aloha!

Action Day 1, Donate

Donate today. Take a look at your lists, your plans, your system, and put it into action. As moms we realize we can’t just let these good ideas, intentions, and lessons just sit in our heads…we have to put them into action! Write about what you did today to make your family’s philanthropy plan come to life!

Action Day 2, Promote

Talking about charities, volunteer opportunities, and raising awareness should not be overlooked. Promote your favorite charity you’ve discovered this month. Write about it.

Action Day 3, Donate

Donate again. The action of donating and making an impact is not a one day event. Donate again today and write about it – how did it feel? Rushed? Pre-planned? Easy? Different than before? Write about it.

Action Day 4, Give

Donate as a gift. Either plan out your gifts (who the donations are for, what occasion, how much time/money/etc) or just do it…donate today and then write a note explaining your gift to the person it is in honor of.

You don’t have to wait until the week before a holiday or a birthday to make a donation of time, money, promotion, etc. You can do it now and save yourself the last minute rush when the deadline is fast approaching.

Action Day 5, Promote Again

Chances are high there is more than one organization or charity you and your family are passionate about. Talk about a new one today…promote it online or in person. Write a positive review for them online. Something that helps spread the word. Write about your efforts.

Action Day 6, Ready

You’ve spent the whole month figuring out what speaks to your heart, what you can honestly afford, researching reputable charities, brainstorming with friends and family, and getting into the giving mindset. Today is the day all of this preparation comes into action. Solidify your giving plan before going into the month of December.

Write about what it took for you to feel “ready” to embrace philanthropy as a family value. Write about what you needed to prepare in order to feel “ready.” Reflect on how you (& your family’s) attitudes and beliefs about giving have changed over the month.

If you were interested in getting all your donations done before the holidays, today is the day to do it!