October Week 2: Tribe Vibe

Your Kids

Who are your child’s friends? Looking back over week one, what do you believe your children need in their friendships? Is your child a good friend to others? How do you help them be a good friend? Would you describe yourself as hands on or hands off when it comes to their relationships? How well do you know their friends? How do you show an interest in their relationships?


What factors keep you from making or sustaining friendships? Moving? Lack of time? An introverted personality? Changing into a new season of motherhood? Are there creative ways to get around these hurdles?

Friendship & Texting

We live in a time of constant misinterpretation…mostly via texts. Abbreviated lingo leaves a lot of room for others to fill in the blanks or insert attitude or interpretation. (True story). Texting is relatively “new” in the broad scheme of things…social norms and rules have not been established so that our texts are always understood exactly how we intended them.

How do you feel about texting? Do you ever feel like you misinterpret texts from friends? Does texting ever feel “heavy” to you or stressful? Do you feel comfortable asking for clarification, especially from new mom friends that you might not know well?

How do your kids feel about texting? Do they, too, feel there is a lot of room for misinterpretation? If applicable, start a conversation with them about texting norms, insecurities surrounding texts, and how it can affect friendships. Write about it. What insight did you gain from them?

Being a Friend to Your Child

Being a “friend” to your child is controversial these days. How do you feel about the subject? Do you believe parents can be friends with their child or do you feel parents should remain in the role of “parent?” Do you feel there is room for both roles?

Looking back at week one, are there any friendship qualities you listed that apply to your parenting style? What are they? Do your answers influence your view on this debate?

Being a Friend to Your Partner (or anyone who helps care for your children)

Being a parent can feel all-consuming at times—someone always has to be watching your child. It’s easy to take for granted others who parent with us or help us when we need it.

Do you feel like you have a friendship with your spouse or partner outside of just parenting? How do you show that person you value their friendship? What about others who help care for your child? Babysitters? Aunties? Nannies? Do you feel it is important to have a friendship with that person or maintain professional space? Or both? How do you express gratitude for that person who helps watch your child?

The Power of a Tribe

It’s very powerful to parent alongside others. Whether you are a single mother, married, or have a partner…who makes up your tribe? That group of other women how have your back, understand the messiness and glory of motherhood? Who do feel that deep sense of kinship with? Who are you most grateful for on your mom journey? Who has influenced your mom journey the most, either through their example, advice, or support? Just for fun, if your tribe had a motto and/or mascot, what would it be?

If you’re still looking for your ideal tribe, what would they look like? Value? Make up their motto and mascot. Could you start one? Lead it? Time to manifest your tribe.


The yayas are here for you, mama! I try really hard to provide you with info and resources online to help you connect with other mamas and not feel alone. I hope you feel that sense of sisterhood!

How much do you lean on online moms groups vs. in-person ones? How do your needs online vary from your in-person needs? Write about what benefits you get from each.