May Week 4: Philanthropy

Action Taker

Continuing last week’s discussion of values and character…are you an action taker? Are you known for taking action? Showing up and putting in the work is important. You’re proving to yourself that you can be an action taker by showing up and answering the journal prompts. Are you taking those answers one step further and making them come to life off the page? Write about what inspires you to take action, what some of your hang ups about taking action might be, and if action is a current family value.


Generosity of spirit and resources is not something reserved for when we pass, but something we practice can practice now. Are you philanthropic? Do you have an abundance mindset and share your time/money/energy/support when you can? Do you value philanthropy? Look up to philanthropists and those who help others? Is philanthropy a value you want to pass on to your children? Write about the role of philanthropy in your life and legacy.

(Note: If you feel called to dive deeper into philanthropy, November 2018’s Guided Journal is about Philanthropy. It’s an opportunity to spend an entire month on the subject! Go check it out here).


A sense of purpose is important. As mothers, our sense of purpose can feel obvious from the outside, but not as clear from the inside. Do you feel a sense of purpose? Do you have a focus in life that is driving your every day actions? How would you describe your purpose?

If this idea feels overwhelming, start with the “who” in your life. Write about who you show up for…your children, family, yourself when you focus on your health and self care, etc. Or draw from your week 3 answers about values and character.

Life mission statements are no small task. That doesn’t mean it has to feel heavy. Getting clear on our sense of purpose and what we feel called to do can bring freedom, excitement, and inspiration. It can add meaning and depth to our lives as women and mothers. If might require more than just one day of journaling. Write a bit about where you are now to create head and heart space for your purpose to unfold.


How do you define generosity? What role does generosity play in philanthropy? Do you value generosity? Are you known as a generous person? Is this a value you want to pass onto your children? Write about it.


Do you currently support causes? If so, which ones? Why do you feel called to support them? Are there causes you would like to support more? Which ones do you believe in? These can be specific organizations or simply general topics.

Spend a few moments thinking outside yourself and how all of this week’s topics align for you: philanthropy, purpose, and generosity. Causes/organizations create the opportunity for putting these three elements into action.


Success is personal. For most of us, it no longer looks like achieving the “American Dream” (which feels outdated and irrelevant to many in our modern culture). A successful life is achieving what we set out to do. It doesn’t have to look like money or a job title. A successful life can be one where we lived our values, built our character, grew as a person, loved well…it’s a life where our actions and values aligned. What would you define as a successful life for you? Do you feel you’re on that path? What do you need to focus on or do to remain on that path?

Again, this doesn’t have to be a heavy topic but one that inspires you. If you ever start to get bogged down with the topics, move toward the lightness of it, the inspiration, the passion, the excitement of things to come! Where we are in this moment isn’t where we will always be. Every moment that goes by is our opportunity to do better, feel better, and live our best life.

Will/Trust: Deadline

It’s almost the last day of the month. Commit to completing your will/trust before the end of the month so you can finally cross it off your to-do list!

Have you completed your will/trust? If yes, how does it feel to be done? If not, what steps do you need to take to complete your will/trust? What actions can you take today to meet your goal/deadline?